Pivot and Grow - Getting "Everybody Together" Helps Creative Agency

Werremeyer Creative turned to L10 as it began to focus business development on selected niches, including healthcare. Cheryl conducted group coaching sessions to build understanding and consensus around the new direction.


"Cheryl brought us together, with good communication, to talk about the business. It's been a very good year. I don't think it would have been such a good year if not for the training with Cheryl and her help pulling everybody together. We really shored things up with her. I really appreciated how prepared she was and how organized she was. Everything ran smoothly. Everything was done on time. She helped me get organized so we got further. It was a success for me and my team."


Gretchen Werremeyer


Improve Communication and Reduce Stress – Manufacturing Co. Gets Help With Both

Corrective Asphalt Materials was growing steadily, but its leaders were striving for more. Communication breakdowns caused stress and discord. Teams were less efficient than they could be.

The company brought in Cheryl from L10 to work with the leadership team. The results were dramatic.



"We had another facilitator who does similar things to what Cheryl does, but we hit a plateau with him. Cheryl was more appealing to everybody. They opened up to her, and we got more done. We improved efficiency, accuracy, problem-solving. People are less stressed and more motivated to work with others. Instead of people being frustrated with each other, people have tools they can use to solve these problems on their own."


Marc Taillon


Double Revenue - "Fresh Ideas" Help Fabric Retailer

Kim Moos started her e-commerce fabric business, Cotton Cuts, in her basement. Like so many entrepreneurs, she faced the challenge of achieving significant and sustainable growth.


"I needed fresh ideas to help grow the business because I felt like it stagnated. Enter Cheryl. She helped me define what I want to get out of the business. What are the goals? What are we looking to tackle -- one thing at a time? The business is in a very different place now than it was a year ago. We are close to the million-dollar threshold -- as opposed to last year when we were at a half a million."


Kim Moos




One of the characteristics that impresses me most about Cheryl is her continuous ability to set and achieve her goals. In the past 9 years, I can’t recall a time when Cheryl was not working on a big project that would serve to advance either her business enterprise, her professional skills, or personal growth. Setting goals is the easy part for most people. But it takes a steadfast intention to learn and grow, and the diligent completion of step by step actions to ultimately achieve the goal. Without a doubt, Cheryl is an achievement pro. Additionally, her ever-present optimism, determination, wisdom, and resourceful problem-solving abilities are nothing but impressive.

Diana Dunbar

Founder, Math Fact Scholars

Cheryl has it all as a Consultant; experience, discipline, balance and great intellect.  It is rare to find a Consultant who has run a business.  She not only knows the theory but has used her skills in her own business, Bakers Pride.  She can work with owners, CEO's, managers and direct employees.  I strongly recommend Cheryl to help you execute your strategy and stay on track.

Mitch Millstein

Ph.D. / Supply Chain Expert, Supply Velocity

Cheryl has a rare talent of blending authentic leadership with strong accountability.  I've worked with Cheryl since 2015.  First as a member leader in the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), where she helped chapter Presidents and other CEO's plan and execute successful annual goals.  Now, Cheryl is a Certified EM Advisor.  She combines her CEO experience with proven tools to help leaders grow their companies.  She has an authentic approach, great communication skills and a commitment to getting results.  I strongly recommend Cheryl as an advisor to CEO's and other leaders.

Rom LaPointe

CEO, EM Advisor

I consider Cheryl to be a great leader. Cheryl is an " ALL IN " leader in that she is a full participant in helping to shape and evolve the thing she's involved with. I have always found Cheryl to be well prepared on issues, and she is always someone I could count on to bring ideas and suggestions as we looked to advance the interests we worked on together. She is a true team player and a great partner.

I highly recommend Cheryl for any endeavor where leadership and strategy are required. You can't go wrong with her partnership.

Aaron Grossman

CEO, TalentLaunch