Improve Your ROI With A Good Business Coach

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I received an email the other day from an expert who noted that “a lot of people burn out this time of year, waning from their new year resolutions.”

I stand accused.

In fact, now that I think of it, the only time I haven’t burned out on my fitness resolutions is when I’ve hired a personal fitness coach.

The article was full of great tips about how to get past “workout boredom.” But some people -- a.k.a. me and millions of others -- need more than tips.

We set goals and make resolutions around the New Year. Then, as the first quarter ends, we’re burnt out, and our commitment to our resolutions fades away.

Continued commitment is crucial to success...

Same goes for running a business. Business people set big goals, resolve around the New Year to march forward, but then momentum stalls.

Someone recently asked me what my fitness coach did that was so special. As I ticked off the benefits, I realized I was also describing a good business coach.

The smartest business people understand this. They recognize that they sometimes need help to keep their resolutions and achieve their goals. That’s not admitting defeat; that’s being smart and strategic about resources that can help you build and keep momentum.

So, what are these qualities of a good coach?

First, they help you set reasonable expectations. As a new year dawns, you may be prone to set big goals. Sometimes the goals are realistic. But many of us have a tendency to overreach. It’s human nature.

Then a few months pass, and you realize you won’t attain the goal. Frustration and burnout set in.

A good coach assesses your situation and your capabilities and helps you set SMART goals -- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound.

Second, a coach helps you develop a strong plan. You’ve set that attainable goal. Now what? Too often we wing it without a clearly defined roadmap to success.

A coach helps you develop a plan that defines what you do to achieve your goals. Without a plan, you’re making it up as you go along. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Third, a coach teaches you. People often don’t know what they don’t know. In fitness and in business there are hidden dangers, unknown barriers blocking progress, avoidable mistakes, lessons you learn only through experience or guidance. An experienced coach has been there, done that. Coaches help you consistently execute your plan, stay focused on priorities, clear hurdles, get unstuck.

Finally, a coach gives you an accountability partner. This may be the most important thing. My fitness coach pushed me to my limits -- sometimes until my legs felt like rubber. It was painful at times, but it was worth it because that’s when I had breakthroughs and made real progress.

Accountability works like this..

When I didn’t feel like working the plan, he wouldn’t let me off the hook. My coach kept me focused and encouraged me to stay consistent with my efforts. He helped me build confidence and held me accountable.

On some level, I wanted to impress him with my commitment to doing the prescribed workouts in between our sessions.  Bottom line: He helped me become healthier and stronger. I felt so great after a few months that I ran two half marathons to support local charities.

How does this apply to a business coach?

A business coach also challenges you, makes you work harder, pushes you to go further than you have been able to go on your own.

A good business coach doesn’t just help you write the plan. The coach helps you execute the plan. They won’t let you off the hook. They won’t let that plan sit on the shelf and collect dust.

And ultimately, they’ll lead you to keep your resolutions and achieve your goals.

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