How to Overcome the Midyear Doldrums: Strategies for Renewed Energy



I have a client who had a great first quarter. 

Now spring has sprung. The weather is better. We seem to be turning the corner on the pandemic…

...and my client has lost momentum. 

He thinks he’s on target to hit his annual goals. So now he’s thinking, “I can take my foot off the gas.” 

Call it the midyear doldrums. Call it the May Mistake. 

I see it happen every year as the flowers bloom. Business people take their foot off the gas. 

Some, like my client, ease up after smelling the roses. 

Others set goals in January, don’t accomplish as much in Q1 as they hoped, and get stuck in the mud. 

Many simply let the good weather, vacations, and other rites of spring distract their attention. 

You Can Push Forward and Prosper

Whatever the reason, these businesses squander opportunities to prosper. 

Sure, you can take your foot off the gas and still meet budget projections. But why not blow those projections out of the water? That’s what the best businesses do. 

Sure, Q1 didn’t go as well as planned. But rather than wallow in defeat, why not reassess, focus, and push forward? 

Sure, we all deserve to bask in the sunshine and enjoy time away from the office. But we can do that without letting our businesses slip… long as we stay focused and work efficiently when we’re in the office. 

How do you manage your time when a vacation -- or even just a single day off -- approaches?

Effective business people focus on short-term priorities, get in gear, and clear the decks. Then they can step away from the office and enjoy time away. 

Tips for Setting Priorities to Surge Ahead This Summer

Imagine on Monday that you’re taking Friday off, or maybe all of next week off.  Then…

  • Organize the priority list. What are the most urgent things for you to get done? To determine priorities, ask yourself, “What will happen if I don’t complete this task this week?” Focus on those tasks that create the biggest negative impact if left undone.

  • Estimate the time to complete a task and pluck the low-hanging fruit. Some things we put off don't actually take long to complete. When you estimate time to complete, you establish more realistic plans about what you can complete in an hour, day or week. You also discover you’ve put off some things that you can easily complete.

  • Delegate. You don’t have to do it all. Before you take time off, train others how to handle certain tasks. Share responsibility. This gives you more time -- to enjoy away from the office or focus on other business tasks. It also strengthens your team. For more on this see: How a Stressed Owner Let Go and Got Away.

  • Block your time efficiently and set deadlines. For more on this, see: How to Get More Done and Achieve Your Goals by Protecting Your Time 

Take these steps while imagining you’re taking Friday off. See how it goes. Feeling better? 

Then take it a step further. On Monday, outline everything you want to accomplish before your imagined Friday off. And if you complete the list, go ahead and actually take Friday off. 

If you plan, prioritize, focus and work efficiently, you can get as much done in a four-day work week as a five-day week. 

This strategy works for anyone struggling with midyear doldrums. 

With the right focus, you can launch efficient action in May and June so you can achieve great success in Q3 and Q4. 

Want to tackle the right tasks at the right time and delegate effectively... you can focus on things you enjoy and are best suited to do, maximize your impact, and enjoy greater peace of mind and success?

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