How to Break the Webinar Habit

Person Attending a Webinar and Taking Notes


This is an intervention…

...for all of you webinar addicts. 

Your business success depends on this. 

Since the pandemic began, I’ve seen too many business people lose focus as they click-and-watch every time they get an email offer for an interesting, informative webinar. 

Last week, a business owner told me about the Search Engine Optimization webinar he watched. He learned a lot, he told me. 

“Wow! Are you handling SEO for your company now?” I asked. 

He responded with silence. He got the point. 

This pandemic has forced everyone to work -- and pitch -- from home. Our inboxes are flooded with webinar invitations. They’re hard to resist. 

But resist you must.

Random webinars divert your attention. Diverted attention shatters focus. Lack of focus stalls progress. 

Here are some tips to keep your focus and free yourself from webinar addiction (pay attention even if you’re just an occasional webinar binger): 

Start with the End in Mind

In a recent post, I encouraged you to focus on ONE THING to get more done in your business.  When invited to that webinar, ask yourself, “What will I do with this information once the webinar ends? Will this help me with that ONE THING?” If not, don’t bother attending or do this…

Watch it Later

Many webinars are pre-recorded. Many live webinars are recorded as they happen. Contact the presenter. Tell them you can’t attend, but you’d like a recording. Most will oblige. Do this especially if the webinar is relevant to something that will be your focus in the future. 


Remember that business owner who watched the SEO seminar? He shouldn’t have wasted his time. But the person responsible for SEO at his company could benefit from the content. The boss could have asked that person to watch the webinar, take notes and make suggestions if the webinar reveals something that would help the business. 

Remember: Mastery is a Journey, Not an Event

If you really want to master something, one webinar won’t do the trick. If mastery of a certain topic aligns with your focus and priorities, act deliberately to find learning materials that will help you. Search for content you want and need, don’t react to the pitches. 

Too often, though, we react to the catchy webinar pitch with an impulsive response (“That would be cool to learn a bit about SEO today.”) In the end, we learn very little. And then, when we realize it will take a lot more time and effort to achieve mastery, we snap back to reality and say, “I don’t have time to do this.” 

Focus, Now More than Ever

I know, “Now more than ever” is one of those cliches that’s overused these days. But, really, it’s true. Now more than ever, with many businesses struggling to survive and thrive, we have to stay focused on our most important priorities to achieve the greatest success

Some webinars may be relevant for your goals and fine to attend. Most are like addictive drugs, an escape from reality, a distraction from the critical work at hand. 


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