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Unplanned Drop-Ins Disrupt Information Flow

I asked a business owner recently how he gathers information from his employees.

His reply: “I stop by each person’s office.”

You’ve seen it. The check-in. The boss swings by, unannounced, pops their head in the office and says:

“How’s it going? What are you working on? Everything on track? OK. Good…”

Sometimes the boss may spring some unexpected assignment on you. Other times, they just encourage you to “carry on.”

Most managers — and their employees — can relate to this. The manager gathers information in snippets. A quick check-in here. A water-cooler conversation there

But let’s take a look at what really happens (and what doesn’t) when we take the “pop-in” approach…

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Tucker the Dog with Disc in Mouth

The Tucker Files: What a Boisterous Beagle Can Teach Humans About Management

Hi, My name is a Tucker, and, in case you didn’t notice, I’m a dog.

Here’s a story of how my boss, Cheryl, motivated me to run, and leap and stretch to catch plastic discs she tossed in the air.

Cheryl thinks business people can learn a lot from this story about how to inspire and motivate employees.

That may be so… But I want you to read on so you can see the cool videos of me doing my thing (I’m a show-off).

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Connection Starters Lead to Better Meetings and Stronger Companies

This is a story about human connections and how they can strengthen your business…

Humans have a deep desire to connect with other people, to find something in common with them.

When we connect with others, we listen to them differently. When people share ideas or make suggestions, we understand where they are coming from. We understand their point of view.

Connections lower barriers, build rapport, and establish trust.

Trust breeds teamwork. Teamwork leads to business success.

Here’s an example…

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People collaborating and in alignment

How to Inspire Employees to Give Meaningful Feedback and Collaborate

I was talking with a company owner last week who craves useful feedback from his employees, but never receives it.

This is a guy who exudes confidence. But even those who seem totally in command have doubts.

We all benefit from positive reinforcement or constructive conflict that comes from an engaged and empowered team.

But how can we make that happen?

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How a Stressed Owner Let Go and Got Away

I know a business owner who rarely enjoyed time away from his business. If he got away, he always stressed about how it would turn out. It often didn’t turn out well.  Sound familiar? That all changed a few months ago. Before the pandemic, he made it out of town, and everything went well. Here’s why…

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Person Attending a Webinar and Taking Notes

How to Break the Webinar Habit

This is an intervention……for all of you webinar addicts. Your business success depends on this. Since the pandemic began, I’ve seen too many business people lose focus as they click-and-watch every time they get an email offer for an interesting, informative webinar. Last week, a business owner told me about the Search Engine Optimization webinar he watched. He learned a lot, he told me. “Wow! Are you handling SEO for your company now?” I asked. He responded with silence. He got the point.

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