Change Curve Management

yellow rollercoaster ride with lots of curves and change directions


Wow, our ERP implementation is complete! Now we have all functional processes integrated in one system. Yes, it took longer than expected and we went over budget, but the lessons learned are priceless! I'm proud to say I did my best work moving everyone through the change curve during this project and no one got stuck in the Valley of Despair.

Here are strategies to help your team traverse the natural human response when facing change.

  • Over Communicate!
  • Outline a solid plan for implementation stages
  • Create accountability for interim deadlines
  • Spend more time individually and in small groups
  • Encourage feedback about what's working well and what's not
  • Strengthen training and resources
  • Provide motivation via individual languages of appreciation
  • Be positive, encouraging & supportive to bring out the best in others
  • Over Communicate! I know I said it already, but it's really important!