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Why Employees Don’t Speak Their Minds

By Cheryl Lauer / August 3, 2021 / Comments Off on Why Employees Don’t Speak Their Minds

My friend Lisa called me the other day with a problem. A large corporation hired her as a consultant to shepherd a project. She anticipated a straightforward engagement until…

…employees started to confide in her. They shared their gripes, suggestions, and observations about company leaders.

Every time they shared a tidbit, Lisa asked, “Have you shared this with the leaders?”

They always responded, “No way. We could never do that.”

Lisa called me because I help companies work through communication breakdowns or — in this case — communication voids.

I see it often: Employees have plenty to say. They just don’t say it in a collaborative setting.

Lisa asked me, “Why does this happen, and what can we do to fix it?”

The answer: It starts at the top.

Keep reading for tips to create a workplace that encourages effective communication…

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Tucker the Dog with Disc in Mouth

The Tucker Files: What a Boisterous Beagle Can Teach Humans About Management

By Cheryl Lauer / November 19, 2020 / Comments Off on The Tucker Files: What a Boisterous Beagle Can Teach Humans About Management

Hi, My name is a Tucker, and, in case you didn’t notice, I’m a dog.

Here’s a story of how my boss, Cheryl, motivated me to run, and leap and stretch to catch plastic discs she tossed in the air.

Cheryl thinks business people can learn a lot from this story about how to inspire and motivate employees.

That may be so… But I want you to read on so you can see the cool videos of me doing my thing (I’m a show-off).

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yellow rollercoaster ride with lots of curves and change directions

Change Curve Management

By Cheryl Lauer / November 5, 2018 /

CHANGE CURVE MANAGEMENT Wow, our ERP implementation is complete! Now we have all functional processes integrated in one system. Yes, it took longer than expected and we went over budget, but the lessons learned are priceless! I’m proud to say I did my best work moving everyone through the change curve during this project and…

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