Leadership Coaching St. Louis, MO


Leaders who work with L10 Performance Solutions are finally able to:

  • Escape the hamster wheel
  • Enjoy their work more and
  • Improve the bottom line


With experienced guidance from Cheryl Lauer, an L10 Advisor, leaders can focus on their strengths and do more of what they love -- personally and professionally.

Leadership Coaching in St. Louis, MO

An exciting new program available to our clients.

Bring Your Culture Alive, Make it Thrive and Use it to Drive Performance

The Culture Fix® offers a practical approach to building a personalized culture where humans feel truly valued as an individual. We specialize in taking words on a CoreChart™ and bringing them alive into the hearts and minds of your team. We understand how to build a genuinely thriving culture that adds value to your employee’s lives, and in turn raises the overall value of your company.

Prevent the impact of The Great Resignation by learning about the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business™

Leadership Coaching in St. Louis, MO - The Culture Fix


Uniting behind a clear vision, focusing on planned priorities, and empowering people to accomplish more; teams collaborate better, save time and money, and continuously improve results. Here's how we do it...



Visualize where you want to go and why. What's keeping you from getting there? What strengths can you leverage? What gaps must you fill? We help you answer these questions, clarify vision, define goals, and unite the team around them.



Prioritize and organize strategies and action steps to achieve greater results. Establish metrics to measure success and progress. Clearly define roles and responsibilities.





Customize solutions for your unique needs to support the plan. Develop talent and delegate. Conduct productive meetings. Commit to consistent action. Build accountability and improve communication.



Analyze results. Celebrate and build on successes. Learn from setbacks. Revise plans as necessary. Maintain momentum. Continuously improve.






We bring real-world C-level experience to every engagement. We have lived and worked through the issues business leaders are facing every day.

Our founder, Cheryl Lauer, has worked as a corporate executive and a small business founder/owner. She is a CEO who knows what it takes to implement systems successfully over the long run.



We view these engagements as an investment to generate results. If you are not completely happy with the results and with L10's services, you may pay whatever you think is fair.



A 20-year track record of helping companies implement processes and tools to consistently execute and reach new heights of success.

Leadership Coaching in St. Louis, MO - Cheryl Lauer - L10 Performance

Cheryl Lauer
Strategic Business Advisor - Leadership Coach - Culture Actuator


Pivot and Grow - Getting "Everybody Together" Helps Creative Agency

Werremeyer Creative turned to L10 as it began to focus business development on selected niches, including healthcare. Cheryl conducted group coaching sessions to build understanding and consensus around the new direction.


"Cheryl brought us together, with good communication, to talk about the business. It's been a very good year. I don't think it would have been such a good year if not for the training with Cheryl and her help pulling everybody together. We really shored things up with her. I really appreciated how prepared she was and how organized she was. Everything ran smoothly. Everything was done on time. She helped me get organized so we got further. It was a success for me and my team."

Gretchen Werremeyer


Improve Communication and Reduce Stress – Manufacturing Co. Gets Help With Both

Corrective Asphalt Materials was growing steadily, but its leaders were striving for more. Communication breakdowns caused stress and discord. Teams were less efficient than they could be.

The company brought in Cheryl from L10 to work with the leadership team. The results were dramatic.



"We had another facilitator who does similar things to what Cheryl does, but we hit a plateau with him. Cheryl was more appealing to everybody. They opened up to her, and we got more done. We improved efficiency, accuracy, problem-solving. People are less stressed and more motivated to work with others. Instead of people being frustrated with each other, people have tools they can use to solve these problems on their own."

Marc Taillon


Double Revenue - "Fresh Ideas" Help Fabric Retailer

Kim Moos started her e-commerce fabric business, Cotton Cuts, in her basement. Like so many entrepreneurs, she faced the challenge of achieving significant and sustainable growth.


"I needed fresh ideas to help grow the business because I felt like it stagnated. Enter Cheryl. She helped me define what I want to get out of the business. What are the goals? What are we looking to tackle -- one thing at a time? The business is in a very different place now than it was a year ago. We are close to the million-dollar threshold -- as opposed to last year when we were at a half a million."


Kim Moos



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My friend Lisa called me the other day with a problem. A large corporation hired her as a consultant to shepherd a project. She anticipated a straightforward engagement until…

…employees started to confide in her. They shared their gripes, suggestions, and observations about company leaders.

Every time they shared a tidbit, Lisa asked, “Have you shared this with the leaders?”

They always responded, “No way. We could never do that.”

Lisa called me because I help companies work through communication breakdowns or — in this case — communication voids.

I see it often: Employees have plenty to say. They just don’t say it in a collaborative setting.

Lisa asked me, “Why does this happen, and what can we do to fix it?”

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The issue wasn’t a big deal. But email has a way of turning small things into big things.

Recipients misunderstood the sender’s point. They reacted to the tone, not the facts. They cc’d others. Assumptions piled on top of assumptions. People read between the lines. Emotion trumped logic.

My friend, the business owner, was cc’d after the emotional fire was burning out of control.

Now he was spending precious time fighting a fire that could have been avoided in the first place.

How can you help your team to ditch the drama and improve communication?

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